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Most of us are aware of the connection between mind and body. After all, our minds control our bodies; mental processes affect our physical states. But have you considered the reverse—a body-mind connection?

Accumulating research has revealed that altering your physical state can affect your mental state. Studies on the body-mind connection have proven that movement can be an effective cognitive strategy to strengthen learning, improve memory and retrieval, and enhance learner motivation and morale. In other words, real transformation can start with your body. Not only has movement been proven to increase neuron growth and the plasticity of neurons (the basis for learning), it has also been proven to improve concentration, memory, acquisition of information, mental stamina, and creativity. You can reform cellular and muscle memory around newly-created ways of being.

Michelle Marie Brady has harnessed these scientific findings to develop MindMove, an experience that combines group indoor cycling with cognitive coaching for a holistic learning experience. MindMove is designed to help individuals and groups to harness their power, develop a customized plan, and facilitate sustainable transformation.

How it Works:

  • Your group participates in a workshop customized for your specific goals.
  • As a group, you move to the cycle studio where the learning continues—this time in your body as concepts are reinforced kinesthetically.
  • You gather for energizing smoothies to recap high points and takeaways, neurons are forming and muscle memory is shaped around newly created ways of being!

Michelle’s MindMove experience has helped individual and groups:

  • Improve productivity
  • Remove mental roadblocks
  • Reframe cognitions
  • Clarify goals
  • Create roadmaps for change
  • Facilitate true accountability

The many challenges she helps individuals and companies surmount include:

  • Personal or professional under-performance
  • Unhealthy environments, relationships, and lifestyles
  • Ineffective corporate cultures
  • Unsuccessful communication styles
  • Work/life balance
  • Unproductive mindset