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This is not a self-help book because no one can tell you how to become your best self. This book does, however, guide readers in creating their own customized tool kit that will enable the paradigm shift necessary to discover their own answers.”

In this antithesis of a self-help book, Michelle explores four aspects of the self that must be tended to in order to create authentic awareness and evolution: Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit. She also shares the tools and methods she used to overcome significant personal obstacles in her life, including abuse, an eating disorder, and financial difficulties.

Make the Shift teaches readers how to overcome limiting and self-destructive thought patterns with insightful and practical tips. The result is a guide to help readers examine their lives through multiple lenses – mind, body, emotions, and spirit – and how to live each day as their most authentic selves.

Are you ready to shift your perspective? Are you ready to change your course?

Make The Shift is available for purchase in multiple formats.

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