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Michelle Marie Brady has, as they say “been there, done that.” She is just like you and yet, uniquely her. Above all, she knows transformation. She has reinvented herself—and reconfigured her life—multiple times as part of a continual journey toward authenticity. She is an entrepreneur and a fierce negotiator. She is a runaway and former classical violinist. She has gone broke and been broken. Today, she runs a multi-million-dollar music instrument enterprise, and acts as an instrument for change herself as she coaches individuals and teams to achieve next-level results.

She received a full scholarship to study violin performance from Central Michigan University—a feat highlighted by the fact that she learned to play violin at 18 with minimal prior training. She received her Master of Music degree in violin performance from Duquesne University, also on full scholarship, and her Executive MBA degree from Washington University’s Olin School of Business in 2009. She is a volunteer board member of the Guardian Angel Settlement Association, the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, and the American Center for Elemental Music and Movement.

As the President and owner of the exclusive US importer and distributor for Studio 49 Orff instruments, Michelle has been described as having a heart of a music teacher and mind of a business woman. After creating Teaching With Orff, a free resource where Music & Movement educators share teaching tips and lesson plans, she soon realized that the Orff Approach was more than a teaching method; it was a paradigm that extends beyond the classroom. She has applied this philosophy of integrating the body and the mind to experience true transformation in her own life, and now she brings it to you.

A certified coach with the Institute of Eating Psychology and a premium indoor cycling instructor, Michelle is committed to, and an expert in, achieving health and fitness goals—and helping others do so. She has conquered binge eating, emotional eating, a victim mentality, low self-esteem, and a history of relationship codependence. She has transformed herself personally through a 70+ pound weight-loss and a total mindset realignment. Michelle uses proven techniques based on mind-body nutrition, and intuitive and dynamic eating psychology to impact her clients.

Professionally, she has transformed the trajectory of a multi-million-dollar business and corrected the paths of clients and organizations as a coach and consultant. A master of authentic reinvention, Michelle is genuine, unafraid, powerful, and able to impart empowerment.

Today, she approaches the world and her life with gratitude, takes responsibility for her actions, and intentionally practices self-love and self-care. When she is not speaking to associations or corporations or working with clients, Michelle loves spending time with her family, SCUBA diving, cooking, practicing yoga, and living a lifestyle of mental, physical, and spiritual fitness.