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Michelle Marie Brady

You know when you unexpectedly hear a piece of music and start tapping your foot or swaying your hips? It is almost involuntary, this primal music and movement connection. We are born with this innate understanding; one of the first things a baby will do is move to a beat.

Michelle Marie Brady understands the power of this instinctive connection, and of the inextricable link between movement and cognition. A lifelong musician and current owner of MMB Music, she always knew she had to feel or experience something before she could learn it. Researchers call this kinesthetic learning—a learning style in which the student learns by carrying out physical activities, rather than by listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. Perhaps that’s why she was naturally drawn to composer Carl Orff’s approach to learning over a decade ago. The Orff Approach combines music and movement into lessons that enable students to experience the music through their bodies in order to not just learn, but truly comprehend the practice.

“Experience first, then intellectualize.” – Carl Orff

While this approach is renowned in the world of music, Michelle has discovered through research and personal experience that it’s a concept from which everyone can benefit. Studies on the body-mind connection (called embodied cognition by researchers) have proven that movement can be an effective cognitive strategy to strengthen learning, improve memory and retrieval, and enhance learner motivation and morale. As a premium indoor cycling instructor, Michelle has had the opportunity to test these findings through her classes. The result? MindMove.

Michelle’s MindMove experience combines indoor cycling with cognitive coaching for a holistic learning experience designed to help individuals and groups to harness their power, develop a customized plan, and facilitate sustainable transformation. 

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